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Pimpin Siswa Lestari Tahun 1 Siri 4 2016/2017

Hello everyone, long time no see. haha. seriously, Im really busy lately since our studio have many project and others subject also have a group assignment so that I couldn't give the commitment to  update my activities. So, today I would like share about my new programme under USM which is all student first year must participate it. This programme named, Pimpin Siswa Lestari and school of HBP, SCIENCE COMPUTER, PPIP and so on have involved together by dividing into group. All group are named by benua and sub benua in the world. My group is Aconcagua. You know Aconcagua? Aconcagua its actually the mount in Africa Selatan. We have 20 people in one group that mix from all school who is participated for siri 4 and 2 facilitator, Kak Piqah dan Abang Ben (USM Kejuruteraan). This programme start at 2.30 pm in 14 October 2016. We need to register first then all the attendance will be record day by day. This programme have been implemented in 3 days 2 nights at Dewan Kuliah U dan Dewan Utama Pelajar.

This is our activities during this programme:

14 Oktober 2016

2.30 petang: pendaftaran
3.30 petang: Taaruf (Ice Breaking) dekat DK U
Introduction about yourself 
Buat graf of life and explain it
Question-Answer Session (everyone create 19 questions and one by one pick the questions at every members than answer that question)
6.30 petang: ambil makanan, bersurai
9.00 malam: berkumpul semula dan mendengar taklimat(briefing) mengenai PSL dan World Cafe.
11.15 malam: Bersurai.

15 Oktober 2016

For second day, kami pergi jalan ke DK U sebab nak tunggu bas lambat sangat.

8.00 pagi: Sarapan (Nasib baik prepare semua makanan sepanjang program, jimat sikit duit)
9.00 pagi: Talk pasal Keusahawanan
9.50 pagi: Rehat, minum pagi
10.10 pagi: Talk pasal kelestarian, softskills, innovation dan qalbu.
1.30 petang: Ambil makanan then balik Restu nak tukar baju PSL. Malam khamis tu sebenarnya ada perjumpaan untuk pengambilan baju PSL dan time tu jugak ada Battle Of The Band. haha. dua-dua pi.
3.00 petang: Discussion about World Cafe. We need to suggest and make a proposal of one project then tomorrow(next day) every group must present their own project. Our Project is KEEP LEFT, WALK RIGHT. Basically, it more to change the culture and attitude of the walkers. This project is simple because we want to encourage people to keep left when you are walking slowly and give space for those who rushing. It also help the people to walk in proper and understand each other situation. This culture have been used at oversea especially Singapore. When you are walking slowly in the other line for rushing or walk fast or run, they will say 'excuse me?'. You think you are in right way? Or you are just blocking the others way? So, this is part of our project.
8.45 malam: continue with discussion and power point for presentation. Dismiss at 11.00 pm.

16 Oktober 2016

Finally, for last day. Our group is the first one to present the project of World Cafe. Its a little bit disappointed because our project like be reject strongly. Orang yang tanya soalan masa Q and A tu pun macam nak marah-marah ja. haha. Seriously, scary. time tu semua gelabah la. Btw, takpe. semua dah bagi yang terbaik. so, just move on. After semua presentation settle, kami memulakan sesi bergambar secara beramai-ramai. Pakai GoPro bakhanggg.. hahaha. then continue selfie dan bergambar secara berkumpulan. I think its give good memories and joyful when all members are discuss to solve the problem in World Cafe.

So far so good la but HBP student time nih semua tengah pressure dengan project 3 yang kena submit pagi ni. So, semalam aku, roomate aku dengan cubemate aku pun stay up dan tak tidur semalaman just nak siapkan project 3 iaitu design retractable table and chair. Alhamdulillah, pagi ni berjaya submit dengan cemerlangnya. But, Dr. Jestin said, our studio master must choose 3 design yang terbaik untuk presentation. And you know what? For Interior Design, my name and my drawing is there. Ohhh, speechless gila time tu. Rasa macam nak jual idea produk design aku kat depan lecturer dengan kawan-kawan. Speaking pulak memang tak payah cakap la. Terabur. Explanation tak fully sebab aku lupa satu perkataan dalam english. haha. normal right when you are nervous. haha. but its okay. it give me new experience and encourage me to be more confident. So, thats all. Thank you for reading.

dapat cawan lagi. 

tak sangka la jumpa kak intan kat sini,  senior smkk ni. legend.  hehe

thank you to kak pikah dan JH for the beautiful photos. 

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